Susi Belianska

Susi Belianska stood gracefully with blonde hair, gentle features and a face that the camera loved. A muse, poised elegantly for the flashing camera. Consumed with knowledge and a passion, Susi placed herself on the other side, to be greeted with a lens that would go on to capture her inside beauty, visions of life, people and architecture.

By 2007, Susi was shooting for various campaigns and catalogues as a national and international brand developer, collaborating with International publishers, including: Conde Nast, Gruppo Mondatori, as well as, high-profile luxury magazines like Red Collector Paris, Bund Pictures, Rendezvous de la Mode and Glitter Magazine; and her photography continues to impress the eyes of others like, Zink Magazine, Corbis Corporation and Masterfile.

In fact, in 2012, Susi was amongst the Top Fashion Photographers at Sony’s World Photography Awards. In 2013, she proved to the industry that she is a competitive photographer as she became featured on Vogue’s popular Italian website, “” where she went on to win contests like the Nikon Talent Photo competition. This accomplishment was recognized and displayed in the category of “Fashion and Glamour” during the International Contemporary Art Fair, “Artissma”.

It is because of her raw talent that Susi regularly participates at the Photo Festival de Monde of Cannes and receives representation by – a photographer’s agency that recognizes superior talent, such as that of Steve McCurry and his photo “Afghan Girl” labeled by National Geographic as the “Most Recognized Photograph” in the world.

Based in Milan, Susi Belianska continues to travel the world capturing breathtaking images as a truly talented and highly sought after fashion and portrait photographer.

We are proud to feature Susi Belianska and her always, amazing work!

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Susi Belianska

Set 1
Styling : Alessandra Macri
Mua and Hair: Giuly Valent
Starring : Roberta Siciliano
“Ballerina at Teatro San Carlo”

set 2
Styling: Alessandra Macrì
MUA and Hair: Claudio ferri
Starring: Elisa Bucino (Ballerina)

Set 3
Secret Garden
Styling: Barbara Palladino
Make up: Claudio Ferri

Main Image
Styling: Alessandra Macrì
MUA & Hair: Giuly Valent
“Portraits of Ballerina”
Starring: Roberta Siciliano