Sergey Ivanov

Sergei Ivanov
by Darcy Tharp
Popular wedding photographer Sergei Ivanov, a member of both the National Community of Photographers of Ukraine and the Association of Wedding Photographers of Ukraine and Russia, is well-known for his unique wedding style shoots incorporated with elements of art. After graduating from art school and working for various public and private companies, his passion for photography moved him into becoming a full-time photographer. He says that in art school he would dream about combining photography and computer technology into unique creations, and his work today shows that he has certainly accomplished that and more. Now Sergei has been doing artistic photography for over ten years, and today is known far beyond the borders of Ukraine for his style. He lives with his family in the small Ukrainian town of Khmelnitsky and spends most of his time teaching his techniques around the world. Speaking about his work, Sergei says, “Create with soul. I see the world a little differently.  If you look closely, the world surrounding us is dreamlike and quite mystical. Be attentive to everything that surrounds you. If your eye catches something, don’t ignore it but capture it with your mind or your camera.”