Maltese Marc

By Darcy Tharp

“I TRY THROUGH MY PHOTOS TO SHOW MY PERCEPTION OF BEAUTY AND EXPLAIN MY UNIVERSE. PHOTOGRAPHY IS MY TRUE PASSION.” Fashion photographer Maltese Marc has always been attracted by the artistic world and studied at a photography school in France but considers himself to also be self-taught, and admittedly a bit sensitive. He is specifically drawn to the technical side of photography, the aesthetics, the attention to detail, and playing with light. The light changes day by day he explains and as such, it brings a different perspective on the world and my pictures. It is a reflection of everyday life and how it changes.” He attempts to always give his undivided attention to the image and to the model and believes that communication between people is the most important. To show the best of someone and always achieve a better image he strives to project himself in that moment, to have a feeling and a connection, and to stop, see, and capture it. Maltese Marc creates his beautiful, captivating images with either a Leica S2 or his Nikon, and today he can be found working at his studio in Marseille, France where he also resides.

“I trust in my instincts along with my imagination and improvisation.”

Photographer: Maltese Marc
Models: Nathalie Barthes, Iasabelle Turenetti, Melkonian Melanie, Pauline Jay & Sanda Bitlou
Make Up: Ganem Eloise; Leila; Celine Laramy: Leniency And Louise
Hair Stylist: Jean Philippe Percoraro, Marc Mom