Jason Bassett

Jason Bassett is a professional photographer living in Miami, Florida. All he wants his photography to do is make you feel good. Underlying themes of love and nostalgia are heavily present in his editorial work. He mainly photographs fashion and nudes. There is usually either quiet candor to the mood, or something intense. Or maybe odd. All of the work harmonizes the concepts of purpose and randomness.

Jason has traveled around the US exhibiting his photographic stories (places like Miami, LA , Orlando, Atlanta). Being featured on various sites and his widely viewed behind the scenes videos has given him a platform to inspire, teach, and give some personal sense of beauty to the world. It’s quite a charming life. As a child he was fascinated by video games and the female heroes, which can be seen in some of his series. His works can be seen in a myriad of fashion magazines and other photography publications. He is the RAW artist Miami photographer of the year. Jason is emotionally and vibrantly passionate about each career move due to his nature of wanting those that connect to always be able to connect deeply.