Fel Cassieli

Model: Fel Cassieli

Born in the Czech Republic, Fel Cassieli lived in Prague since she was a little girl and by high school she realized that she wanted to become a model. The one problem being that she did not have the support right away to make her dream come true, “my schoolmates thought I was not really pretty at all, my parents laughed at me when I said what I wanted to do, and my boyfriend told me to come back down to earth so I don’t get disappointed.” She left the idea behind and developed her other passion of cooking, inspired by her father who is a chef and brought the family with him on his travels. She got her lucky break one day when she was scouted on the street by a photographer who told her to stop by his studio the next day to do a test shoot. “I was so happy but so much less confident to share my happiness with others…I went to the studio, we did a test shoot and when we finished the photographer booked me for a job! I remember it was just a small catalogue job but I was super happy.”

Since then Cassieli has been working hard learning and enjoying the opportunity to do what she is passionate about. “So let’s say I am living my dream at the moment….it best to do in your life what you really like.” In addition to modeling, Cassieli decided to study again (nutrition and healthy living) and plans to be back studying in New York next year. She loves to cook and dreams of opening a small restaurant in NYC one day. She also has a passion for lingerie and has a brand called Fels Guilty Pleasures and hopes the first lingerie collection will come out soon followed by her own t-shirts collection and a perfume.