Kriss Logan is a Paris based freelance photographer. Born in Avignon, she obtained a degree in applied arts, then followed a one year course of “Atelier Photographiques” in Arles and shortly afterwards she settled in Paris. As an assistant to several renowned Paris based photographers, she continually improves her skills and broadens her knowledge in fashion, culinary, architectural, and portrait photography.

Today, Kriss Logan makes it a point of honor to do her work with the same enthusiasm and curiosity as if it were still day one. The portrait, culinary, macro, and fashion photography remain her favorite areas.

The artist within her is eager to capture the essence of each person or object located in front of her lens, and she also likes to enjoy those sharing or creativity moments that everyday life brings.

Photographer: Kriss LOGAN
MU: Yvette
Hair: Pierre St Sever
Stylist: Oliver Swan
Model: Zely