Aleksandr Nozdrin

By: Darcy Tharp
Born in 1976, Aleksandr Nozdrin, one of the most famous Russian wedding and family photographers, began his creativity and commercial activities when he was just fourteen years old in the city of Orel. By nineteen he had already achieved great success as a commercial photographer, and by the following year he had moved to Moscow to begin a career with KODAK as a photographer. Initially, the scope of his photographic interests spanned two diverse genres: cars and weddings. In the year 2000, Aleksandr became the main photographer for the highly popular Russian magazine “Automobile” and at the same time also became the main photographer and head of the photo department of the event planning agency “Prazdnik.”

However, in 2005 Aleksandr shifted his focus only to weddings and family photography. Today, he and his partners have revolutionized the wedding photo industry in Russia. He has been extremely successful with over 600 wedding photo shoots around the world. Yet, in the world of wedding photography, it is definitely not as easy as it looks and Aleksander claims it is very difficult to stand out and create work that is not similar to others. Thus, he has come a long way in perfecting his own style and turning his images into works of art. His work can now be found in many galleries and private collections around the world. In describing his work and his process Aleksander says that the work needs to pass his own vision and subconscious feelings before anyone is allowed to see them. He maintains that simplicity is his mantra and nothing more. He does not want anything distracting in his images. When processing an image he has three main objectives: to make a picture of volume, to emphasize the emotions and plot, and to combine all of the pictures in a series into a single story. He believes that all of the elements such as light, color, and composition combine together to create a story that the viewer can enjoy.

Aleksandr Nozdrin
WPPI 2014 First Place Winner
in Album – Wedding Category