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Shaun Alexander – GUESS

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Shaun Alexander – Guess Campaign
Model: Ashley Heller
Make up: Neda Victory
Hair: Shana Nazari
Stylist: Linda Varol
Photo Assistant: Linda Mani

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To inquire about workshops and seminars held by Mr. Alexander
please visit or
or call 310 213 7700

Shaun has been honing his unique style for almost 3 decades, boasting a background in fine art, painting and sculpting, Shaun’s photographic work is frequently compared to three of his biggest influences, Salvador Dali, Helmut Newton and of course Rembrandt, for his photographic lighting technique, which inspired him to create the above self portrait of himself and Rembrandt as one. ” I always feel a connection between me and renaissance period, especially rembrandt,” says Shaun.

His award winning images have been on display at the Black and White Spider Awards /Masters
exhibition, where shaun has won and been nominated for his outstanding achievements in fine art and
fashion photography and featured in The World’s Greatest Black and White photography book.

His unique but provocative and stylish work has been featured on the outside and the inside of many international publications, art galleries and photo exhibitions and is frequently sought by advertising agencies, Hollywood celebrities, fashion designers and many premiere clients worldwide.

An alchemist behind the lens, Shaun transforms ordinary objects into objects d’art, exquisitely beautiful, sexy and mysterious. Image-wise, he is every man and woman’s best friend! Shaun works in numerous exotic locations in the world including, New York, London, Paris, Prague and he currently resides in Los Angeles California, where he is showcasing his latest creations.

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